1557 Saint Joseph Ave, Ste. 300, East Point, GA 30344


This is East Point! Our primary location, where you can find the main office staff to help you locate items, place orders and take care of invoices! Types of dressing we have at East Point: appliances, restaurant, medical, science, school, outdoor, industrial, electronics, western and home smalls and decor. We are still in the process of moving, so a lot of our inventory is not quite unpacked and on the shelves yet. We also do not have an online catalog of our inventory as we simply have too much to put online! We highly encourage you to come and see everything for yourself, you never know what you might find! If you are looking for a very specific item, feel free to call and ask.

Directions from Atlanta: After getting onto US H29/Main Street (slightly farther south than Tyler Perry Studios), you will turn right onto Newnan Street. There is an immediate left turn onto St. Joseph Ave. Continue straight on St. Joseph past the brick military facility. DO NOT turn on Dauphine St, even though the GPS may direct you to. Directly behind the brick military facility you will see a gated entrance and a sign that says "The Archives". Turn in here and go around the left side of the building to get to the main office.


The Metropolitan Arts Complex, 675 Metropolitan Pkwy SW, Ste. 1068, Atlanta GA 30310


Welcome to the South Side, our warehouse at the Metropolitan Arts Complex! If you need furniture, look no further than our secondary location. Here at CAPS South Side, you can find all things home and office furniture related, as well as office smalls and electronics, indoor flags and a small assortment of small home decor. We even have some Christmas decor! If you are looking for something specific, our well informed South Side staff will be happy to help you find it.

Directions from Atlanta: You should arrive at the Complex at Metropolitan Parkway entrance, not from Murphy Street (which is the back). After you come up the ramp, turn right and go all the way to the back of the complex. Once you see a chain link fence in front of you, turn left. You should see a big blue tower, and a dirt road to the right of it. Take that dirt road all the way around the back and eventually you will come to loading docks, you won't be able to drive any farther. The entrance to the warehouse is to the right of the bay doors you will see.